The Orchard Meadow Curriculum

We are really excited to share with you the Orchard Meadow Primary School Curriculum, which has been developed to be engaging, relevant and challenging.

Our Intent:

We want our pupils to have mastery over the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics as well as have opportunities to enrich and deepen their learning across a range of subjects.

Subject content is underpinned by our school values (above), which we believe passionately to be the bedrock of success for our pupils. That is why, in our curriculum we call these values our ‘key drivers’.

The Rosenshine Principles of Instruction flow through the curriculum. Regular recall, a hallmark of Rosenshine, is built into the timetable of activities and the structure of lessons so that knowledge is built progressively and coherently and takes account of pupils’ ability to retain information effectively. See our Teaching & Learning section for more details.

You will see our key drivers referred to in our curriculum overview documents, pupil knowledge organisers and even class names, which have been chosen from inspirational local and national figureheads who embody our values and represent the diversity of our community.

Implementing our vision:

Please browse our Subject Overview documents below, which contain information about how knowledge and skills are built progressively year on year from Early Years to Year 6. You will see references to the National Curriculum in these overviews but also explanations of how choices about what our pupils learn have been made, linked to our drivers and context.

For more information, see the subject specific pages which you can access via the toolbar, left.

Within each subject are the units that are taught each year. A unit is typically 7-10 lessons in length and has been planned carefully to meet the needs of our learners. The unit-specific 5C’s documents outline the structure of each unit and how core skills are taught and assessed. In addition to an over-arching driver, this document also shows how the unit fosters ambitious content, creativity, compassion, coherence, community – our 5C’s.

Click here to see an example of one of our 5C’s documents.

For a full list of 5C's documents, see the subject specific pages which you can access via the toolbar, left.

What do individual units of work look like?

All curriculum content has been chosen and is viewed through the lenses of our school values. In most cases there are ‘focus’ values and key questions that have been designed to facilitate reflection on a particular value, for example: learning about Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and RESPECT.  

‘Deepening’ opportunities are built into every unit so that pupils can develop lines of curiosity, make links and expand their understanding of more complex concepts. Each unit also contains details of how the learning is enriched through visits, the Orchard Meadow Pupil Pledge and community celebrations.

Our Knowledge Organisers contain all the key information related to each unit, in handy, easy to digest summaries. These give pupils and parents a clear overview of what will be taught in that unit, how the unit links to other learning and our key drivers. These are also used by teachers to support ongoing assessment.

Click here to see an example of one of our knowledge organisers.

Knowledge organisers for all units can be viewed in the subject specific pages: see link in the toolbar, left.

How does it all fit together?

Coherence of content within and across year groups and subjects is vital to ensure skills progression and that learning has meaning. That’s why coherence is one of our 5C’s.  The flow chart below shows how all the elements of our curriculum fit together:

How does the curriculum fit into the school day?

See our sample timetables below and the structure for foundation subject coverage. Note that this is subject to change based on Covid-19 measures, i.e. staggered start and end timings.


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