Attendance and Punctuality

Please inform the school office before 9:30am on every day that your child is absent from school due to illness. Please telephone the school office on 01865 778609.

Why is Good Attendance and Punctuality so important?

As a parent / carer you want the best for your children. Having a good education is an important factor in opening up more opportunities in adult life. A child who is absent for a day of school every week misses an equivalent of two years of their school life. GCSEs may seem a long way off for you and your child but all absences, at any stage, leads to gaps in your child's learning. This can

  • mean that they fall behind in their work
  • mean that they miss out on the social life of school and extra curricular opportunities and experiences
  • affect their motivation
  • affect their enjoyment of learning
  • affect their desire to attend school regularly
  • affect their confidence and self esteem
  • affect their ability to have or keep friendships

90% of young people with absence rates that are below below 85% fail to achieve five or more good grade GCSEs and around one third do not achieve any GCSEs at all. Poor examination results limit young people's options and poor attendance suggests to colleges and employers that these students are unreliable.

Requesting a Leave of Absence

Schools are not permitted to authorise holiday during school time. Time off school can only be authorised due to illness or an exceptional circumstance such as religious observance or funeral. 

For more information, please see Oxfordshire County Council's: A Parent's Guide to Managing Sickness Absence from School.