Blenheim 2016 - Diary of a Show Garden - DAY 4 - 16/6/2016


It was hard work today but SO much fun. We had to saw pieces of wood and drill holes - we now know how to be careful and really accurate. The tins had to have their chains fixed on and then we had to decide where to hang them. Some needed the plants topping up or sorting out.

We have drilled holes in the wellies for the front and screwed some to the fence. Lots of bark mulch had to be loaded into a wheelbarrow and piled into the garden - not a single plant pot or bit of plastic is allowed to show!!

The banner with our photograph looks amazing and it makes our garden really look like a front garden. It's Blackbird Leys in Blenheim Palace!!! It's looking fabulous!! We have had so much fun and learned so much doing this!!

Now we are looking forward to showing it off to the public for the next three days - and hoping they'll love the garden we've designed, planned, constructed and planted!!