Orchard Meadow Primary School is run by a Trust Board who are legally responsible for the three schools within the United Learning Trust. 

They delegate some of their responsibilities to an Interim Executive Board (IEB), a group of skilled individuals with a wealth of experience in both education, business and finance. Their role is to:

  • Ensure the vision of the Trust is upheld throughout the work of the school
  • Work with the Trust Board and Headteacher to set strategic direction, policies and objectives of the school
  • Monitor, evaluate and improve the standards within the school
  • Challenging and support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team of the school to ensure continuous improvement

All those involved in governance share the same visions and aspirations for the children of our community and the same determination to play their part in bringing this vision to life.



Orchard Meadow IEB Members Email
Tom James (Chair)
Cathy Godden
Chris Scrivener  
Andrew Creese  
Ingrid Lunt  
Chris Scott